We’re committed to the communities we aim to serve. In order to realize that commitment, we constantly strive to become more educated on sickle cell disease (SCD) and beta-thalassemia, and the experiences and journeys of the community. Through lunch and learns with individuals living with SCD and beta-thalassemia, community-based organizations (CBOs) and key SCD and beta-thalassemia opinion leaders, our team strives to understand the journey, challenges and opportunities for the community to provide a stronger foundation for our work each day.

Beta-thal Lunch & Learn

Imara team commemorating Rare Disease Day

Cooley's Anemia Lunch & Learn Zoom Shot

Craig Butler, National Executive Director of the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation speaking about Beta-thalassemia

Lunch and Learn Zoom Shot

Team members chatting with Mary Brown, President & CEO at Sickle Disease Foundation